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Sims & Purzer PLLC is a Family Law Firm helping families in and around the San Antonio area.

“She's an outstanding professional attorney. She made our family complete!!! I'll recommend this law firm to anyone and everyone.”

Mary V. via Facebook

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Here to help guide you & your family in difficult times

Hello and welcome to Sims and Purzer PLLC. We are a family-run firm with experience in securing solutions to the things that truly matter for you and your loved ones.

If you are currently looking for legal help with child protective services, adoption, divorce, custody case, or other family law issues, we are here to help assist you through this time. We appreciate that you may be reaching out to us as you are going through a difficult time. We assure you that we take a holistic, client-centered approach to every case. You always have the choice of the path you wish to take — we are here to help guide you in your choice, and offer advice and support to get you through this time in your life.

Leading with compassion, always

We understand how upsetting and challenging family law matters can be. We serve you with compassion, empathy, and understanding throughout your case.

We are an experienced family law team

Our attorneys maintain annual continuing legal education and training in representing parents, representing children, professional trauma training, and family violence. This training is important because it means that we are eligible to practice in child protection courts, serve as Attorney Ad Litems, or serve as Amicus Attorneys for the court in multiple counties in Texas. This experience allows us to best help you with your unique needs. Our team also consists of two certified Family Law mediators to assist you with resolving your case.

Focusing on the best interests of your family

When children are involved, we work hard to put their best interests first every time. We endeavor to ensure that your family is protected throughout the litigation process.

We are here to help you

"An amazing team that handled things for me during a time in my life I’d rather forget about. Sonja really handled things for me and completely understood the rough times I was going through. I would recommend y’all a 1000 times over."

Stephen M. via Google

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Prioritizing care & compassion during this difficult time

We are excellent listeners with the sole purpose of helping you get the best possible outcome for you and your family.

Reach out to us

Sims & Purzer PLLC gladly serves residents in San Antonio and surrounding areas to help guide them through difficult family law issues.

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