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Adoption Attorneys in San Antonio
& Family Law 

Adoption Attorneys in San Antonio & Family LawSims & Purzer, PLLC is a family-run boutique law firm that works to secure the solutions that matter most to you and your family. Our office is in San Antonio, TX, but we practice in many of the surrounding rural counties.  For more than a decade, we've been assisting families to complete adoptions throughout the state.

What to Expect from an
Adoption Process in Texas 

The adoption process can be lengthy at times and has multiple steps to complete in the State of Texas.  
Texas requires all potential adoptive families to complete an adoption home study. The adoption home study includes criminal and CPS background checks. These steps are put in place to ensure that the prospective parent/parents are adequately assessed to ensure that the child will be provided with a safe and loving environment. 

Why Hire Us?

Sims & Purzer has worked hard to make a positive impact on the lives of people just like you. We are constantly striving to improve, to make the adoption process stress free.

We love building New Families through Adoption

The Texas Adoption Process will begin with the Verification of Eligibility. This is when you, the prospective parent/parents, are required to meet the state of Texas’s eligibility requirements to submit an adoption application.  This means as an adult, showing willingness and capability of handling parental responsibility and being financially suited. 

Let Us Know About Your Unique Adoption Case

We know that adoption is a major decision for everyone in the families' lives. By filling out the form below, we can guide you with your special needs. Thank you for allowing us to be part of this gratifying moment.

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We are excellent listeners. If you are looking for a trustworthy source who can understand and guide you concerning your special situation, you get to the right place. 

Our experienced attorneys are ready to discuss your case, have your legal questions answered and help you learn about the legal process.  Schedule a Consultation with us today by clicking the link: 

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