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What to expect on Adoption Day?

There's something about going to court that generally makes most people nervous. Adoption Day in court is something to be grateful for rather than fear. It’s a day of uniting, transition, and closure all at once. So, what can you expect on Adoption Day?

Paper Family

Who participates on Adoption Day?

  • Family & Friends

  • Attorneys, Caseworkers, and CASA

  • Adoptive Parents

  • The Child(ren)

What are the things that must have already taken place?

  • Parental rights terminated

  • Waiver and consent to adoption signed by the managing conservator, if any

  • Adoption subsidy negotiated

  • A LOT of paperwork and background checks

  • Approved adoption home-study is on file

  • Petition to adopt is on file

  • Adoption supporting documents are on file

  • Child(ren) over the age of 10 have consented to the name change, and child(ren) over 12 have consented to the adoption in writing

  • HESIG completed or waiver of HESIG signed

  • Approved final draft of the Final Decree of Adoption has been signed by petitioners and the child(ren)’s attorney and guardian ad-litem

What happens?

  • Judge calls the case by reading the cause number and style of the case into the record

  • All parties are identified for the record

  • All witnesses are asked to raise their right hand and sworn in to truthfully testify in the proceeding

  • Judge takes Judicial Notice of the Adoption Documents in this case and the underlying termination case

  • Adoption Attorney gets to call witnesses:

  • Parents Testify

  • The caseworker testifies

  • Child(ren) may testify

  • Child(ren)'s attorney gets to call witnesses.

  • ‘Adoption Attorney makes closing statements

  • Child(ren)’s Attorney and GAL get to make closing statement

  • Judge considers all evidence and grants or denies the adoption with great consideration to what is in the child(ren)'s best interest.

Where is it?

  • In-person or by Zoom

  • In the county where the child has resided for six months, or in the county where the court of continuing jurisdiction is found

  • Before a Judge


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