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Family Law Attorneys


Helping you achieve the best outcomes in difficult situations.

Sims & Purzer PLLC is a trusted, reliable family law firm based in the San Antonio area

Helping to guide you to a resolution for you & your family

We understand that if you are here, you may be looking for some advice and guidance during a challenging time in your family's life. From mediations, divorce, adoption, custody, and Child Protective Services, Sims & Purzer PLLC has certified Family Law Mediators to help you get through this time in a compassionate and understanding way. Our niche is in guiding people through family law cases in the San Antonio area.

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Family Law Matters

Sims & Purzer - Adoptions

Every adoption should be special. We believe that building your forever family through adoption can be incredibly rewarding. We have helped hundreds of families achieve this goal through this amazing process. Our firm is experienced with both CPS and Private adoptions.


Amicable resolutions are often the best way to resolve conflict and get your family the freedom they need to move forward. Mediation is an excellent litigation alternative that allows for binding agreements to be made outside of court without a Judge dictating your families’ outcomes.


Sonja Sims is a licensed mediator who brings her knowledge and experience to bear in resolving difficult family law disputes in and out of court.


Sims & Purzer - Mediations
Sims & Purzer | Child Protective Services

Our firm is dedicated to serving individuals and families who are involved with Child Protective Services.


We have represented children, parents, and other parties who desire to intervene in CPS lawsuits.


While not every divorce will be uncontested, an hour of some creative negotiation often saves hours of costly in-court legal fees.  Our knowledgeable attorneys can resolve many custody, retirement, and property issues before court.


Sims & Purzer | Divorce
Sims & Purzer | Child Custody

If you need to file for child custody, have been served with a custody lawsuit, or need to modify your custody arrangement, we can talk you through the legal process involved with the changing, modification, or the establishment of custody. Our experienced family law attorneys can support you with your child custody case.


We’re ready to listen.

Our Family Lawyers are here and ready to help.


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