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Why You Should Get a Prenup, Even If You Think You'll Never Get Divorced

We're going to delve into an uncommon wedding planning topic today - prenuptial agreements. Now, before you quickly close this tab, give us a chance to explain. We understand that in the midst of choosing wedding cakes and reception venues, legal paperwork doesn't sound like the most exciting thing. Yet, we believe that a prenuptial agreement can be an important step in building a strong, resilient, and harmonious marital bond.

Three Scenarios Why a Prenuptial Agreement is Useful

  • Scenario 1: Imagine you are about to exchange your vows, starry-eyed and brimming with joy. Suddenly, you are struck by unexpected financial turbulence, or perhaps your partner incurs some debt. This is not quite the romantic adventure you had in mind, is it? Here is where the prenuptial agreement - your ace beneath your sleeve - steps in.

This document spells out who owns what and who owes what, in the unfortunate event of a separation. But even if you choose to remain married, it’s a practical tool to define financial obligations and rights. It differentiates between individual and shared assets, serving as a shield against potential financial disputes. Consider it as a guidebook for your mutual economic journey, providing both of you the tranquility to relish your shared moments.
  • Scenario 2: Consider in mind where one partner earns considerably more than the other. A common situation, but also where a prenuptial agreement can truly shine. This contract can set up financial guidelines, boundaries and protection for you and your potential spouse, ensuring that the lower-income partner isn't left vulnerable if things take a turn for the worse. It can provide a safety net, preventing a tumble into monetary troubles.

  • Scenario 3: What if one partner decides to put their career on hold to focus on raising the kids? This significant sacrifice often goes unnoticed. In cases where one partner becomes the primary income earner, the other might be left in a financially precarious position. That partner sacrificed their ability to earn on their own, and that could lead them to be in a huge financial hole should a divorce occur. Here again, a prenuptial agreement can prove to be a lifesaver. It can assure financial security for the partner who's decided to step back from their career, making sure their selfless act doesn't leave them economically disadvantaged.

Five Reasons Why a Prenuptial Agreement is a Victory for Your Marriage

  • No Financial Shockers. Hidden debt or a secret student loan? A prenuptial agreement calls for complete financial transparency, preventing any unpleasant revelations down the road. Everything is laid out, so you both understand your financial stance. This level of honesty and disclosure fosters trust and prevents possible conflicts that could emerge from concealed financial liabilities.

  • Peace of Mind. Having a plan in place for any of life's surprises can bring immense relief. Instead of stressing over "what ifs," you can concentrate on the "here and nows" of your relationship. By proactively addressing various financial scenarios, you can enjoy your present moments, confident that you have a solid plan to handle any unexpected circumstances in the future.

  • Strength in Unity. A prenuptial agreement encourages you to work as a united front to manage your financial landscape. It's like a joint project, only with legal paperwork and probably fewer disagreements. In this process, both partners participate in open dialogue, nurturing trust and understanding while laying a robust foundation for their financial future. It encourages a proactive approach to money management, fostering a sense of unity and joint accountability.

  • Focus on Love, Not Money. By outlining clear financial responsibilities and expectations, a prenuptial agreement helps take the focus off money and places it back on your relationship. With fewer potential money arguments, you can concentrate on cherishing your time together.

  • Evolves with Change. Life is ever-changing, and so are your financial circumstances. If one of you starts a thriving business or comes into a large inheritance, a prenuptial agreement can be updated to keep it equitable and relevant. It ensures that you're always on the same page, and your financial arrangements align with your changing circumstances.

How to Break the Ice

Starting a conversation about a prenuptial agreement can be a headache. It could potentially cause problems especially if your partner is not on the same page. But you both need to understand that it's not about distrust or pessimism; it's about planning and safeguarding your future together. Here are some suggestions on how to introduce the idea to your partner.

  • Keep it Light and Casual. You might mention an article you have read (like this one!) about the advantages of prenuptial agreements. Assess their reaction before delving deeper.

  • Highlight the Benefits. Stress the positives. It encourages transparency, prevents misunderstandings, and can even alleviate stress about financial matters.

  • Be Genuine and Open. Discuss your worries and apprehensions. Clarify that it's not about doubting your relationship, but about ensuring you both feel secure and understood.

  • Allow Time. Don't expect your partner to agree immediately. Give them time to think it over and be open to answering any questions they might have.

  • Seek Professional Advice. If it's still difficult, consider involving a financial advisor or a family law attorney. They can professionally and objectively explain the advantages, helping your partner see it as a practical step rather than a personal insult.

Prenuptial agreements might not be the most romantic topic, but they can be a powerful instrument to keep your relationship on smooth waters. Every relationship is unique, and what works for one couple might not work for another. The key is open communication and respecting each other's feelings and viewpoints.

Always remember that in a marriage, you're a team, and every successful team needs a solid strategy!


Are you considering a prenuptial agreement? Maybe you're earning considerably more (or less) than your partner and you're contemplating how to secure your combined financial future. The team at Sims & Purzer Law Office, led by the experienced Atty. Sonja Sims, is here to assist. With extensive experience in family law since 2008, we comprehend the importance of drafting a foolproof prenuptial agreement that is tailored to your specific circumstances. You don't have to navigate these waters alone. Contact us today, and let's work together to craft an agreement that serves as a robust foundation for your future marriage.



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