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Child Refusing Parent Visitation?

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Sometimes the refusal is just for a temporary period. Always ask your child why.

There are many reasons that a child refuses parent visitation. Our experience in these types of cases allows us to help you understand the most common reasons and the best way to deal with each case. It is important to resolve this issue as promptly as possible.

Emotional Reasons

There could be an emotional reason or misunderstanding. Talk to your child about their refusal. There could be more severe issues of abuse or neglect that are the reason visitation is no longer desired. Seek advice from an attorney about your options.

Seek Guidance

Seek guidance from a therapist who works with children of similar age to your child. Individual therapy for the child combined with family therapy sessions can offer a safe space and time for a child to express their concerns and process their feelings. A good therapist can help work towards reunification between parent and child and encourage healthy visitation practices going forward. It’s common that children of parents who share custody sometimes refuse to leave one parent to visit with the other. This is especially difficult with teenagers.

Conversations about why your child may not want to visit with you can be heartbreaking.

Manage your emotions

Try to control your emotions and make sure your child feels heard. Try to be sensitive to your child’s perceptions of the situation and open to suggestions on how to resolve the problem.

Consider a consultation with a specialist

A consultation with a family law attorney can help you understand your options and protect your rights. Our team is waiting to offer you guidance, support, and creative solutions.

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