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Three Tips to Prepare Children for Visitation with the Other Parent.

Stay Positive

Your mindset will make a difference in your children’s feelings about the visitation.

Children are going to have concerns about being away from their home with you. Be patient, listen, and allow them to talk but don’t encourage a negative rant.

Focus on the positive. Gently redirect your children’s focus to things they can look forward to during their time away with their other parent. For example, don’t minimize how much they will miss you, but work out a regular communication plan to ensure they are confident that you will keep in touch.

Allow your children to take a favorite toy, or other comfort items to bring them comfort while away.

Reassure them that it is also okay to talk to the other parent about their concerns and feelings about visitation.

About the Rules

Show your kids and the other parent that it’s normal to have different rules at different houses.

Make sure the children know that they are expected to follow the rules while they are away just like they obey the rules at your home.

When you put more effort into creating a positive co-parenting relationship with the other parent, it will be better for the children.

Work to get an agreement with the other parent for “big” rules and expectations for behavior and discipline.

Prepare the other parent for any new changes of habits the children may now have that the other parent might not be aware of.


Do not openly plan or talk excessively about the fun you plan to have while the children are away.

Of course, you will plan fun things to do while your children are away, but it’s not fair to encourage children to regret being with their other parent.

It’s okay to let your kids know about your plans, but be creative and balance the discussions with fun things the children can expect to do with the other parent as well.


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